Passion, skill and creativity are the driving force behind all our services provided to our customers: by people for people.

Kontagio is a network of professionals of communication coordinated by Diego Ciarloni. We work with enthusiasm on every project of communication both on-line and off-line. Ethic, timeliness and respect ….. and orange, evidently, are our priorities!

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We are all professionals with many years of experience in different areas of communication, from graphics to the printing industry, including social media marketing, photography and non-conventional communication. Headed and monitored by Diego Ciarloni over the last 15 years, we decided to build this network and influence each other to offer an increasingly complete and professional service


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A paper tool to tell Kontagio.
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Depending on the specific requests, the challenge is to propose a communication targeting the specific user’s needs once he/she gets in contact with our company on or off line

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