Photorealistic 3D renderings for the furniture sector and surrounding ones.

One of the services we offer to our customers is the realisation of every type of object/environment/setting using the 3D rendering technique.

This technique allows to represent every kind of context and all the features related to it.

Reading this post, you will have the possibility to evaluate what we realised with Marco Laschi for the furniture sector and surrounding ones.

Fields of application.
What we need to realise a setting/context using the photorealistic 3D rendering?
  1. First, we need to receive the CAD data of the product and/or of the different parts.
  2. Then, you must indicate us the type of material the objects are made of and the related colours/textures.
  3. Some very special types of textures require a specific method for obtaining the features of the material, in other words we take dedicated high-res photos.
  4. We share the idea we have concerning the style of the rendering, how we would design the lighting of the images and the different perspectives of the settings that we can develop also in total autonomy.
We work on all this up to the final rendering in the requested resolution depending on the following purposes of use. 

As far as the furniture sector is concerned, we can realise animated settings or just partially animated ones, with the aim to show the functioning of a specific part/appliance like, for example, a household electrical one.

We also have the possibility to work on the same setting giving you the possibility to show it at every moment of the day and of the night by changing the type of light and by switching from natural to artificial light, etc…

There is no limit to the realisation of photorealistic renderings, not even limits related to the material used, from wood to steel, from marble to stoneware including leather, fabrics and many others.

There’s nothing left but testing us and enjoying the experience of a service of photorealistic 3D rendering at any level for a multitude of purposes and realisations. 



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