Facebook Watch: the TV that was missing ... The one to share and to comment on.

What is Facebook Watch?

Facebook Watch is available from this summer in the States and offers a service that is well beyond streaming TV visible on mobile devices, computer and Smart TV with own App. 
Facebook Watch will include video contents that can be uploaded by authorised users/editors, as well as products of Facebook, companies or influencers.
All this in step with the concept behind Facebook.
There will be also a watch list, a kind of box where you can save your preferences (just like on Netflix) and where you can find the upcoming novelties in addition to planned live coverages of all artists or shows that you follow. 

What would be so innovative?

While remaining a sort of hybrid between TV on demand and YouTube, Facebook Watch will offer the possibility to watch videos in addition to act as a real TV-community able to combine the mere “TV” with all the features of social networks, and especially with those of Facebook: interaction and sharing.  
In fact, every content will have a dedicated description but, lo and behold, it will be possible to share this content on our Facebook walls giving everybody the possibility to comment on. 
This means that users can watch, evaluate, share, and comment in real time on everything that they have in common or on everything that they like most. 

Let’s make an example; imagine what would happen if it was designed, defined and shareable with a potentially infinite group of people, which is exactly what we do today using Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter - even if with some limitations - to comment on, have fun and get informed during an important TV event, an acclaimed television series or an important sports event!
Often, comments or reactions stimulate interest and build audience.... the same factors that prompt us to express ourselves and, why not, to get passionate about a show/an event/a situation with all that this entails. 
In this sense, good Mark “did nothing but contextualize” a phenomenon that was already present, sociologically speaking; the urge to build a community on what we love and follow and where both advertisers and Facebook can find a significant opportunity to make business, obviously. 

But hold on! Before getting to that it will take some time.
In fact, Facebook Watch is available in the US offering only (euphemistically speaking) cooking and travel shows, documentary films, comedy shows, motivational videos, all this spiced up with some sports shows. 

What the opportunities?

At the beginning, the group of publishers will be rather limited, but as soon as agreements with networks, production companies, influencers, etc... of most of the world will be set (because bit by bit agreements will be set), we will then understand that probably we are in front of one of the greatest opportunities of promotion and visibility ever. 
As it is, producers can choose to make advertisements within the contents (as it already happens although only partially both in Facebook videos and on TV), but they must split the earning with Facebook that, according to some, would retain a 45% of it.  

It is understood that we have to wait a while to have all this properly put in place in Italy as well. 

We could take advantage of this period of wait that separates us from having this system work and prepare us if not completely.... at least a bit ;-)  There is no guarantee that what we assumed will come true, what is certain however is that Zuckerberg goes on with worthy foresight to enrich his creature and turn it into a service that, regardless of the difficulties and the scenarios, will try to absorb everything that is concerned with internet and TV giving us the possibility to make what we normally do without having to leave the platform.  
So, does Watch TV really point this direction?

Diego Ciarloni




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