The Impossible will come back

This is the new Kontagio’s Web platform at its first release.

First because, along the way, it will be interesting to add to what has been done up to now, other "portions" of the site in addition to the usual new contents present both in the Blog space and in that of the work done (Portfolio).

It is a responsive site realized with a dedicated CMS which, after some time of work, makes a dream begun nine years ago come true.

It is not that it took so long to realize a web site, it is not so much the shape or the technology that supports it what we refer to, but rather the contents and the idea that we try and will try to tell through it.

Space to ideas, to work, but above all to people and to their relative skills.

Nine years ago when Kontagio moved its first steps, many told us that it would have been impossible to work without a fixed seat, a meeting room, always, or almost always on the move, among the people, or even in our studio at home.

Those same people, actually other people too if we have to be honest, also told us that it would have been impossible to collaborate with important  companies and been assigned exciting projects, without the support of a team of professionals gathered under the same roof.

They also told us that the remote collaboration (sometimes also throughout the continent) with other communication professionals would not have worked.

Well, after 9 years of work, with the publication of this innovative web site, we want to give shape to that "impossible challenge" that just 9 years ago we issued ourselves even before our own customers.
Working together, freely, not necessarily in many, among many, even at sidereal and not just physical distances, all this led us this far.

Provided that there is a connection able to create ideas, glue and synthesis at the same time; we are in front of something that we could not even imagine.
This "thing", our customers call it value.

Value that ensures that a customer will not be left alone should he move from the web to the printed paper, from SEO to the press office, from the ADV to the social media etc.

At Kontagio, the network allows us to cover all or almost all fields of communication, with the certainty of having the best professionals in the respective fields of specialization as reference...and we are not just talking about mere professionalism but also of human depth

In this site there are almost all those who have contributed to make Kontagio to what it is today.
Professionals, studios, artisans, but especially people with their incredible stories and skills...in certain cases unique and undisputed.
It is not by chance that you can find them in this "space"! ;)

Many of them are physically based in the Marches, in the land of origin of Kontagio, but other live and work permanently outside the region.

Each of them "stands up for it", and put his/her skills and experiences at disposal, choosing to be part of the first and authentic co-working in fact.

The mutual influence in the work and experiences is what matters, not sharing a physical space. 
So, in this new virtual space the idea is to try to stay together, to tell what we do what we like to do and what takes into our heads.

It seems impossible (precisely) but perhaps also thanks to "spaces" as these we will learn to know each other better and to know how to increasingly integrate while working, experiencing and telling what we can do together.
It will be interesting to see where it all this will take us to.
What do you think?

Who knows, perhaps toward a way of making communication where what seems impossible will come back... A bit like our favourite colour, the orange...The impossible, as the orange, will be back!

Welcome and enjoy your surfing!



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