The augmented reality for the marketing of companies

The augmented reality

is considered one of the most important frontiers for marketing, communication and business strategies for the companies.

In this post I want to speak about some possible and useful applications of augmented reality for the benefit of your entrepreneurial activities.

Given the general confusion, it is appropriate to make a premise in order to clear the field from everything that has nothing to do with what I am going to explain to you.

1. The augmented reality has not to be confused with virtual reality.
We are in front of two different approaches to fruition and interaction with contents, which differ also for the type of technology used. Although both are based on the displaying of information within the visual range, they are substantially different: the first superimposes images and texts to what the user sees, without obscuring it completely, while the second completely cancel what is in the real environment, giving the sensation of being in another place, completely recreated around the eyes of those who are observing it.

2. The Augmented Reality I am talking about does not require particular technologies.
It is sufficient a smart phone and a connection to the Internet, so as to offer, practically to anybody, the possibility to use this very interesting opportunity.
For Augmented reality (or AR) I mean the representation of an altered reality in which the normal reality perceived through our senses, is overlapped with superimposed artificial/virtual sensory information, in this case, through the use of a free downloadable app both from tablets and from your smart phones and is available with these same devices.

Let’s see now how we can use the Augmented Reality for corporate marketing.
Create communication campaigns Augmented advertising. 
Users in this case will be able to see the advertising information by pointing their mobile device on shop windows, outdoor advertising around the city, pages of the newspaper and wherever we can think of making adverts in a reciprocating and involving way.

Build Tools "below the line"
The augmented reality can be a great support to enrich catalogues, brochures, and leaflets, by superimposing a series of additional and media information in our possession, such as videos or animations to the images of the products/services.  

Realize technical manuals
Thanks to the augmented reality it is possible to realize user’s manuals dedicated to the end-purchasers or to the operators; these manuals are capable to guide them step by step in an innovative and effective way while increasing the interest and the attention by the part of the user and with the possibility to give more information than a simple paper tool.

Talking packaging
Thanks to the augmented reality, our packaging can talk, and tell its story. Just think how labels and packaging might be important and how they influence the purchasing decision in the food segment.  Through this talking packaging, labels can tell the quality of a product, depict the supply chain, or even represent receipt and possible uses. 
If this is valid for the food segment, it is certainly also the same for all the other sectors: the augmented reality turns the package or the label into a talking figure, which thus becomes an incredible tool for information, involvement and marketing.

The Augmented Reality in communication projects developed by Kontagio
For a long time now I have integrated in my services the use of Augmented Reality and there are several projects carried out in this area, especially in the field of construction and furnishing. It is sufficient to have a smart phone or a tablet with an App specifically installed and free, to give everyone the possibility to interact with a product, a label, a brochure. 

In the following video I’ll show you a project realized for a company that deals with production of fixtures for doors and windows. By framing with your smart phone the catalogue designed to this purpose, but also a simple product sheet downloaded from the website and printed with your home printer, you can view the advertising video of the fixture concerned. The wow effect and the effectiveness of the result is guaranteed... Don’t you think?

Now, think again for a minute how you can enrich and make the communication of your products and services even more effective, thanks to the aid of the Augmented Reality applied to your marketing tools.

    • A video-tutorial on an instruction manual?
    • The animation for the cover of your next book?
    • The history of the winery on the label of your wine? 
    • The advertising spot on the packaging of your product?
    • A campaign of interactive and viral outdoor advertising?

Contact me and we will study together a project of Augmented Reality suitable to your business.



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