When the passion for the Fantasy Football becomes a viral phenomenon the case fmsRevo

A little while ago I met Andrea Giuliani, a person who, like me, nurtures a passion for the theatre, in addition to being a professional active in many projects.

On that occasion he told me about a reality that he himself invented about 4 years ago and that, with passion, he still continues to develop in first person.

Andrea introduced me fmsrevo.it, a platform dedicated to Fantasy Football that, starting from 0 and with little promotional investment, has been able  to attract more or less 10,000 users till now, for a total of about 2,000,000 monthly views.

In addition to having a result which grows continuously, fmsrevo, thanks to its own peculiarities, is also characterized by a particularly interesting type of community, for its being cooperative, careful and, above all, responsive to the inputs and to the stimuli of the management. 

Not bad for a site of Fantasy Football realized during his leisure time and completely based on the good will of a person or maybe more!

As a lover of football like I am, despite my being completely unfamiliar with Fantasy Football, I was thrilled by Andrea’s story and I realized that I was in front of an intriguing idea and above all in front of an active and working route with a remarkable viral DNA for the enthusiasts of this practice: in short, a project of great potentiality.

For this reason, I decided to deepen the subject and I discovered the peculiarities of the web platform, I appreciated its history and I decided to try to help Andrea, starting right from the will to share its story below.

The point of reputation and traffic that fmsrevo.it has achieved till now, puts Andrea, as you probably guessed in the hangout referred to above, in a situation in which it becomes increasingly important to make the leap in quality and turn the project into a digital product dedicated to Fantasy Football a more structured project able to increase the number of hosted users and the related services.

To do this we need enthusiast programmers and developers, who want to stake on something that already exists and works very well and that can become in a short period a shared business path of great satisfaction.

If you think that the project could be your speed and you want to know more about it, contact me. I will put you in contact with Andrea and I will let you have all the necessary information.
What do you think about it? Don’t you feel like taking the field?

Diego Ciarloni



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