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Why it is important to analyze competitors > Read More
We will examine how the GDPR affects Google Advertising and which Google Ads functionalities might cause problems related to the GDPR. > Read More
The best marketing videos result from both scrupulous planning and preparation.
In this post 11 steps to make a quality video spot. > Read More
On 5th and 6th April in Modena the third edition of Play Copy was held, the convention / workshop on professional writing signed Pennamontata. Our Annalisa Di Salvatore tells us about it. > Read More
A paper tool to tell Kontagio.
In this post we tell you how it is made. > Read More
Explaining and aligning group employees to the recent regulation of GDPR around the world was the task entrusted to us by Ntt Data and that we solved with a 2D video animation  > Read More

Depending on the specific requests, the challenge is to propose a communication targeting the specific user’s needs once he/she gets in contact with our company on or off line

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Translation is “the act of transferring a text into a language different from the source language”. The term “transferring” represents a concept that is often lost in the overall assessment when a translation is commissioned. Let’s see why.  > Read More
On December 6 the latest release of WordPress, the new major release 5 was launched replacing the release 4.x.
What you need to know > Read More