A blue tick for Instagram

Something has changed on Instagram since the end of August; all accounts (no matter if corporate accounts or not) with a considerable number of followers and having the proper requirements, can go to the HelpCentre page and request the blue tick directly from there.

A small-big revolution if we just think that it was not possible before.
In fact, granting this “flag” was only an Instagram thing (as if it were a “Chiquita”).

How can I request the blue tick from Instagram? 

In the section Settings, go to the “Your activity” option, where you must provide your data and send a copy
of your identity card.
But be careful!
Only a considerable number of followers (the exact number is not specified, however) will allow the
account requesting the blue tick to see the request accomplished.

What is the blue tick on Instagram for? 

Essentially, the blue tick shall turn Instagram into a safer and better place, sheltering it from fake accounts
and bots as much as possible.
In addition to this, we will soon find a new option on Instagram: “About this account”.
Thanks to this option, we can see the date of subscription of the account, where it is located, the accounts
shared with others (already available) and also the planned advertisements, a function that Facebook has
made available recently as well.

At this point you are probably wondering how can a social media be safer if the check will be granted (at
least for the moment) to many but not to everybody"?
Is it not like that the blue tick will represent a sort of certification of an “influencing” potential rather
than being a tool devoted to “security”?

From a technical point of view, we must say that there is no difference between having and not having this
blue tick even if the added charm that this tick provides, with all that this entails, is undisputable.

What do you think?

Diego Ciarloni



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