NTT Data chose Kontagio for the production of the animation content which will be shared with all its employees around the world.

NTT Data, Global IT Innovator, delivers specialised IT services and solutions to clients around the world. 

NTT Data assigned us the task of explaining to all the employees of the group around the world the new GDPRs.
The aim of this task was to make the employees align themselves with these regulations; we decided to undertake this task by producing a 2D animation content. 
With around 150.000 employees,  the company deals with Digital, Consulting, Cyber Security and System Integration which are just some examples of the excellence delivered by the Group.
In these weeks, we have been working on the production of a 2D animation content with the aim to make all group seats located in more than 50 countries around the world adopt a unified approach to the new GDPRs. 
We have been working on this project in strict collaboration with the team of NTT Data Italia which, in its turn, is in contact with the NTT Data world management with headquarter in Tokyo.

We have started off with the creation of the contents in Power Point to get to the production of a 2D animation content. Since one of the “feathers in the cap” of the company is robotics, we have created an animated protagonist giving it the task to act as host/main theme of all the contents that are introduced by this same “mascot”; the contents are then explained in detail by the animated protagonist supported by an English native speaker.
This job makes us very happy and proud since it will have to speak in an effective manner to a lot of people coming from different countries and having different traditions and backgrounds. 

This is why we decided to combine a necessary complex technical development with an international mood which shall clearly identify the image of NTT Data all over the world.




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