New App for augmented reality in collaboration with Interactive Lab

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is a new technology that can be enjoyed using a dedicated App developed to this purpose; the same App that allows the display of one or more virtual contents on the screen of your smartphones or tablets.
You simply have to frame the images on which the dedicated marker has been placed and to which the virtual content is linked; then, start interacting with it.

The effect of displaying interactive 3D objects on your screen is very easy to use and pretty to see; furthermore, it will allow you to see them early choosing the perspective and discovering every feature without having the objects in your hand physically.

In precisely this direction, Kontagio in collaboration with Interactive Lab has developed a new Augmented Reality App which is even more performing and faster.

This is a very important plus since thanks to these new features, it will be possible to add many additional functions to the virtual content like colour changes, data sheets, 3D animations and plenty more.

As follows, some examples of how it can be used:
    • Interactive catalogues
    • Trade shows and events
    • Brochures and posters
    • Interactive advertising
    • Interactive billpostings
    • etc.

We can decide together what pages you want to have as interactive and what contents you want to include; your customers simply have to take their smartphones and interact with the surprises we’ve got  for them.

A very useful and handy way to make your contents increasingly engaging and attractive.

Our App is compatible with smartphone and tablet running Android and iOS systems.

As follows, you can try our free demo.

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