The customization of online and offline communication: the motivating factor

The psychological and motivating factor.

Depending on the specific requests, the challenge is to propose a communication targeting the specific user’s needs once he/she gets in contact with our company; the aim is to propose contents that shall be more in tune with his/her interests and create empathy, driving the user throughout the browsing experience and providing information and materials with a high content degree, which shall be more targeted and, therefore, more effective.

From a psychological viewpoint, the aim is to encourage the motivating factor, which represents the key to stimulate an interaction, the driving force that pushes us to act in a certain direction looking for the satisfaction of a need that we perceive as urgent and essential. 

In order to do this, it is very important to listen carefully to the user’s needs, to set a good relationship and to connect directly with the motivations behind the request.
Furthermore, it is important to create empathy and to understand the user’s preferences in order to provide targeted information that shall express at best what his/her is looking for while visiting the app, the website or the store.

Made-to-measure online and offline communication 

    • The customized communication, whether it is about exploring the huge web world or visiting the shop just around the corner, plays a crucial role in attracting attention and derives from the knowledge of the customer, which allows to implement some fundamental steps and to start a brand building process:
    • Setting a communication targeting every single customer and transforming him/her into a real protagonist both before and after the shopping experience;
    • Getting closer to the customer in order to make the browsing easier and, more in general, to facilitate the research/shopping experience;
    • Fulfilling the request of information by providing clear, transparent and complete answers targeting the specific requests;
    • Motivating and reassuring the customer (for example concerning the provision of a dedicated product/service support);
    • All this has the merit of creating solid relationships and of simplifying the potential customer’s decision who needs support to choose, among the several options available, what better satisfies his/her needs. In doing this, he/she will also enjoy contents that are specifically designed according to his/her profile.

Let us know if you have  further questions or follow up requests concerning the psychology of communication, we will check together how to develop them.

Simona Paolella



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