Reinforcing your sales “force” or rather using LinkedIn as part of your business strategy (and more).

If you are a B2B company and your ranks include a dedicated sales network, you can exponentially increase the impact of your business on your market of reference.

How can it be done?

By correctly using the LinkedIn social network in your company, with a focus on its use by those individuals in your sales department.

What are the requirements?

  • An adequate circulation of information and a complete understanding of the enormous potential of LinkedIn not only in terms of business.

  • The constant and systematic use of this tool without being overly invasive or intrusive.    

  • A harmonious integration of LinkedIn with the sales strategy of each sales agent along with the use of e-mail and telephone.  

Does using LinkedIn correctly mean that every sales agent must advertise his or herself individually and maybe even pay for this service?

In this specific case, the correct use of LinkedIn by a company’s sales force has nothing to do with the posts sponsored by company pages (here, among other things, we are speaking of a use of profiles).
It is something that can even be eventually integrated with other “promotional” or business-related strategies of every kind.   Implementing this kind of “good business practice” makes the most of the principle on which LinkedIn was founded, which is that of bringing together (“connecting”) various professionals.
If you think about it, you may have noticed how LinkedIn is exactly the kind of place or “home” where your sales network should be able to find new authentic business opportunities.   

Contacts and subsequent potential business opportunities are multiplied by the value and the effective ability of the company’s employees in providing solutions and answering the needs of both new and already acquired clientele.
Yes, you heard it right. If from one end, LinkedIn is ripe with opportunity, proposing new fertile ground for your sales network and company; from the other end, it is still a social network where it’s important to know how to present yourself, just as it is important to succeed in concretely contributing to the expectations of our contacts/public/customers through a constant proposal of interesting and useful contents.


What are the next moves that should be made?

Ensure that every sales agent starts using LinkedIn correctly with sufficient training of all personnel, while also implementing together with the company a bona fide marketing and business strategy that is original and thereby capable of making a clear difference.

That’s not all.

A business is not exclusively made up only by its sales department, but also by other various departments, each of which includes professionals specialized in their own specific categories.
Specialists who require interesting contents that they can/must share with their contacts on a professional basis.
These individuals along with the day-to-day operations are an extremely important resource, even if indirect, when it comes to the communication and marketing that today extends to include the entire company without making any distinction.
In particular, also for these professional categories a correct use of LinkedIn together with a coordinated business approach that is cohesive with the company’s values, can translate into an opportunity for “naturally” developing the company’s business that is not be underestimated.  


What should be the approach if in a small-sized company everyone does everything?

In this case, it is all the more so true that LinkedIn should be part of your daily activities, with time dedicated to interacting with both old and new customers.

What should you do if your company makes use of multifirm agents? 

Since LinkedIn has an important value that however is not to be overestimated, the best thing would be to decide on a case-by-case basis, by maybe selecting only a few key agents/agencies with whom you have close ties to try working together on LinkedIn, while maybe even sharing in the costs associated with the professional training that is beneficial to all concerned.
After all is said and done Outside of marketing operations/business strategies, LinkedIn also represents a never-before-seen opportunity of directly approaching a customer and remaining in contact with them.

It requires a certain level of commitment and consistency.
From one end, there are sales agents representing an irreplaceable business tool for the company, while from the other end, there are the departments dedicated to daily operations with individuals who are experts in their own fields.
There is even the possibility of eventually involving the production departments.
Every professional working in the company, once duly trained and instructed, can become the very best business card of the common thread tying everything together: the company.

Diego Ciarloni



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