A new and extraordinary brochure for Kontagio

The digital era we are living in, and even more so the business based on digital activities where the most requested services concern both the web and the world of Apps, led me to believe that the time had come to design an unconventional tool ready to make a break with the past.

My intention was to create such an amazingly state-of-the-art tool that it would be impossible to fully reproduce it online through Issuu or other similar platforms.

This idea, which was masterfully developed and supported by Barbara Bonci, led to the creation of a tool that could only be 100% used through physical interaction.

During the design stage, the aim was to provide customers with a tool that encouraged them as much as possible to seek out specific information on what they believe they can do well, with all that it implies.

Should the customer be interested in learning more about the subject, it would then be possible to go more into detail on our website and through Kontagio’s other social media. 

So, our brochure/leaflet was designed: measuring 35 x 70 cm when open and 13.5 x 13.5 cm when folded, it is digital printed in 4+4 colours on 120 g uncoated paper.

Moreover, this tool has its own dedicated die-cut paper, which contains the 16 icons of the 16 services offered by Kontagio on the front, with two brief descriptions at the top and at the end.
On the back, 8 images recall the shades of our institutional colour (what is it?), while conveying a touch of elegance and creative strength to the brochure, with the logo at the top and contact information at the end. This same information is visible when the brochure is folded.

Despite the pictures in this post that were “masterfully” shot by Barbara, there is only one way to really enjoy our creative brochure … by actually receiving it.

There is no download that can compare! 

If you are interested in receiving it, click here on the right in our Chatbox or send us an email.

Happy Reading and Enjoy!

Diego Ciarloni




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