We love Chicago. A publishing miracle that is one-hundred percent Italian, or rather… Marches.  

This past October 2018, after having reached the culmination of a lengthy, intensive and dedicated communication campaign meant to promote the book “Le stanze del tempo” and its translation into American English as “The Fascinating Life of Berta”, it was our pleasure to accompany the author (Federica Bernardini from Jesi, who is also the third Italian female author of all time, after Fallaci and Dacia Maraini, to arrive in American with a novel), to the Italian Cultural Institute in Chicago, Illinois, for the presentation of her novel. 

A stopover that was highly recommended by our American intermediaries, who were intrigued by the original story, the origins of the novel, and by the genuinely unique style of storytelling based on the realistic events of the protagonist. 

All this stirred interest among the public attending the book’s presentation on October 2nd at the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago, marking also the beginning of a collaboration with the renowned American publishing house of Walmart, as confirmed by the below link to the eBook. 
Very soon, the book will also be released in a printed version and sold in Walmart’s American stores, as well as on its online platform.   

The presentation in Chicago was obviously an occasion that allowed us to fully appreciate together with Federica Bernardini, who will always be thankful for this opportunity, the splendid windy city with its blues music and skyscrapers, which we did our best to make our very own, while of course achieving our ultimate aim. 
And to think that when we first began working we had only one goal, that of trying to tell the story of another story, with the understanding that we held something that was truly unique between our hands.
In Italy, in complete and absolute independence, we fulfilled many of our goals, including that of having held first place for 10 months straight in the classification of eBook sales on the Feltrinelli platform, alongside bestsellers like Ken Follet and Camilleri.
his is a success that we intend to repeat in the United States. 
The question that must now be asked is, where exactly will all this lead us this time around? ;) 

Diego Ciarloni



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