Web serie per la tua azienda

Video has become the most used type of content on both the web and social media, which are mainly used by young users spending between 2 and 10 hours a week to watch video contents.
Among the devices used to display videos, the smartphone has moved up the rank due mainly to the fact that it has become accessible to all.

The standard institutional or informational videos are now leaving the room to a multimedia approach allowing for a different use which is more shareable and requires less engagement by the viewer. In other words: it is more effective for some types of corporate communication.

The aim of the brand video is to attract a young audience by exploiting the tool of the web-series, which, if properly produced and set according to the target market, will leave a mark on the users’ memory, and will create a relationship of trust between customer and company. Basically, it’s a series of short video episodes which shall catch the interest and disclose different aspects of the company gradually by focusing on every single one.

Just as in a TV series, the user will wait for the next episode and will become attached to the product and the services offered. Furthermore, it
will be less expensive if compared to other media channels like commercials.

In order to get the best from a web-series, you can follow the following steps:

- Convey the brand’s values.
For example, a company producing clothing for extreme sports shall communicate adrenaline and a sense of adventure.

Instead, if it produces herbal teas, the feeling conveyed shall be of relaxation and peace.
- Make the users identify themselves by providing them with topics of interest.
- It shall be easily usable and shall be displayed on all devices, above all
on smartphones. Episodes shall not be too long, people don’t pay attention for a long time unless the video doesn’t catch the eye immediately.
- It shall focus on quality not only on figures.

When you decide to

produce a web-series

you don’t have to concentrate only on virality, you should also try to create a quality product able to arise the viewer’s enthusiasm.

- Create original contents. People are increasingly attracted by new videos and new trends.

In addition to this, other important points are consistency and continuity.
Posting a video on a regular basis ensures that users already know what will be posted on that day and will make him/her feel more connected.

Instead, if we speak about the video style, it will be fundamental to understand the aesthetic key that better suits to the type of communication.
From the “cinematographic” to the musical one, from the ironic to the emotional language, there is not a perfect style. Paradoxically, if we want to convey a sensation of proximity with the audience, also web-series with a stylistic amateur touch or videos filmed with a smartphone may work.
But be careful, if you choose this way, having the video filmed by professionals of the sector is very important. So don’t give in to temptation
to film video on your own. The attempt to improvise as filmmaker with your smartphone risks to ruin the image of your company forever.

Doing the math, in a market where users, especially “millennials”, are increasingly demanding as far as the quality of contents is concerned, web- series represent one of the communication tools on which you should stake the most in order to create trust between your brand and persons, a communication that shall be more emotional therefore long-lasting.

If you run your own business and you understood how a web-series can be helpful for it, contact us and we will be glad to find the most suitable solution for you.

Michele Magliola



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