WhatsApp Business: how it works and why it is useful for your company  

96% of Italians are online and use WhatsApp as a messaging tool and of these, 94% use it on a daily basis and even multiple times a day (Source: “Italians and Social Media” report, Blogmeter, June 2019).  

35 million Italians are active on social networks and of this number, 84% use WhatsApp (Source: “Digital 2019” report, We Are Social, January 2019): It goes without saying that today WhatsApp is also an essential tool for communication and marketing by businesses and professionals. 

An increasing number of businesses, but even doctors, for example, use WhatsApp to interact with their users/patients, using it to remind them of an appointment, exchange opinions and documents in real time, or even make a reservation: there are in fact restaurants where it is possible to reserve a table by chatting on WhatsApp directly with the owner.   

As a tool of customer care and marketing, for some time now, WhatsApp has also become an instrument for daily use by businesses in an “artisanal” way, featuring the same format that is used for a chat with friends.   
From this, arose the idea of WhatsApp Business, the evolution of WhatsApp dedicated to businesses.
A project that is also meeting up with much interest in Italy.  
In fact, WhatsApp Business remains the messaging app we know today and this is its greatest virtue.
At the same time, however, it includes several innovations capable of simplifying the activity of contacting and managing relationships between the company and its users, both potential and established, also thanks to some automatic functions that can be immediately understood.    

The app is free of charge and can be accessed by all users at the following link: (https://www.whatsapp.com/business/?lang=it

Let’s take a closer look at some of the special features of WhatsApp Business. 

The app allows for the creation of a company profile, which, unlike the private one, provides the user with a series of additional information on the company: the company image, description, the assignment to a specific category that can be selected, an e-mail and website, an address with geolocation, and the business hours.
It’s possible to connect the app to a cell phone number but also to a landline that can then continue to be used through the relative smartphone. It is not however possible to associate the same telephone number to a WhatsApp Business profile and traditional WhatsApp profile at the same time.  

Another possibility is that of setting up automatic replies, as an initial greeting for users contacting us for the first time, and an ‘out of the office’ message, which is useful for example for requests for information received after business hours.  
Additionally, in my opinion, the most important innovation is represented by the possibility of being able to set up quick replies to frequently asked questions.   

Finally, it is possible to organize chats, assigning labels to different conversations and different customers.  
For the moment, these are the main features of WhatsApp Business that make this “instant messaging” app extremely useful, above all for small business realities, including restaurants, commercial activities, professional studios, and stores.   

However, also bigger businesses, like for example a car dealership, can find great advantages in using WhatsApp Business.  
Just think, for example, of when you bring your car into the repair shop for a checkup or reparation:  to know the exact time when it will be ready you have to contact the shop by phone or wait for their call, which often turns into an endless wait.
With WhatsApp Business, the communication instead occurs instantly. The automation of some answers can also help cut back on some of the work the company must do.   

WhatsApp Business is a recent tool and as such, it is still being tested, but it is already capable of becoming an excellent ally to your business and, over time, this will become increasingly true.  

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