I’ve been completely absorbed in communication projects for 15 years, just like a tea sachet is immersed in a cup of hot water; during these years I've had the chance to spread the passion I nurture for this job and for the contact with people. 
Creative talent, coordinator and key account for advertising agencies, web agencies, photographic studios and printing press, I’ve seen and experimented everything.
All this has been necessary to know and understand that, only through a vision and a holistic knowledge of the communication tools available, you can offer the customer a true service to support communication strategies, capable of sustaining with effectiveness the balance between needs and objectives.
This is the reason that led me to the creation of Kontagio: a non-place made exclusively of influences among professionals and professionalisms that are unique and unrepeatable.
Excellences I’ve had the chance to work with or years, able to work together, if necessary, in order to achieve something that no other structure may do likewise: telling the stories of our customers with passion and originality, by people, to people, for people.
Kontagio is a bit of a Rubik cube, where colours and professionalisms merge depending on the situations with a single common rule: moving toward the more orange side!
Symbol of inner harmony, artistic and passionate creativity, confidence in ourselves and in others,  orange is also the representative colour of understanding, wisdom, balance and ambition: this is why orange will come back! Shall we bet?

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