Class 1969, in 1990 I begin to photograph, and I understand immediately that this would have been my job. So, I become advertising photographer, and right after a professional. Since then I’ve always tried to combine professional photography with experimentation.
In 2001 I start my collaboration with an important photographic studio in Jesi: these are the years in which I have the possibility to confront with major realities in the region of the Marches and beyond, relations that give me the possibility to boost my professionalism. I specialise in photography of furniture, using the view camera (both the analogue and digital camera), the continuous light and flash; in the same period, I begin to participate as expert in research projects at the state school Podesti in Ancona, where both students and teachers acclaim me.
In 2012 I become a freelance photographer, alternating research with work.
Without abandoning the photography of products that I have performed for years with passion, I look to other sectors willing to engage in new experiences: beauty, food & beverage, interior architecture and still life.
At the same time, I approach also to toe world of weddings, paying a special attention to the creativity and the originality of the shots.
In 2013 I found my own photo studio in Jesi. Here, in addition to working as a freelance for my clients, I organise courses of photographic technique, with a special focus on the use of the flash unit in portrait and glamorous photography.

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