A project of integrated communication: the Michelangelo Prezioso case

The value of the name as brand

The customer
Michelangelo Prezioso is a brand that we created in 2009 to support first and to replace then, that of the company MP INFISSI from Torrecuso (BN).
MP infissi is a historic reality on the Italian market, specialized in the production of fixtures of the highest quality. 

The background
In 2009 the company MP requested a complete refresh of its own image to enhance the value of its products and to make them more attractive to the segment of resellers of fixtures throughout Italy. All this on the basis of the success of the image of Tiziano Rubini (door segment) brand of the company Plastinfissi from Magliano di Tenna (FM) that we designed and developed years before.

The goals
    • Creating a corporate brand (+naming) which should be as far as possible in continuity with the corporate name MP,
    • Creating a matching visual identity,
    • Shooting a new photographic service, complete with the whole product range and related videos,
    • Providing settings, products, and 3D sections for both the whole image and the configurator,
    • Creating the multilingual web site with related configurator, activating, and following social media,
    • Realizing all multilingual paper catalogues, and supporting all the printing steps up to the delivery, 
    • Realizing a multi-subject campaign dedicated to trade magazines,
    • Activating a dedicated press office action to draft editorials and advertorials,
    • Realizing an outdoor advertising campaign in some Italian cities,
    • Realizing the packaging for products of maintenance for the fixtures,
    • Coordinating a presentation event of the brand inviting the sales force,
    • Presenting all new work developed to both the sales force and the customers.

The tasks
We proposed a name that was not an end in itself, but which offered the opportunity to be able to tell a story, that of the architect Michelangelo Prezioso, a character resulted from our imagination, that we "dressed" with the clothes of expert connoisseur of innovation in terms of materials, as well as a figure rich in taste and refinement.
From here on, building the brand, the system of visual identity, the format for the catalogues, the packaging and the web site, all this has been a stimulating and logic adventure.
The creation of the character Michelangelo Prezioso continued throughout the communication material: for example in the photographic service, the architect lives and gives shape to the product. 

The on-line Configurator of fixtures
A particularly innovative tool that has proved to be very successful, the configurator of fixtures Michelangelo Prezioso, was specifically designed for the company.
This is one of the first on-line configurators of fixtures in Italy, designed with environments in photo-real 3D, that gives the possibility to customise the room where then the selected frame has to be fitted, customizable in its turn. This product was added to the company's web site and has also become a valid support to the sales force during its contact with both customers and partners.

The advertising campaign
We designed and planned a massive advertising campaign at national level: advertising pages on trade magazines, outdoor advertising in different parts of Italy, on-line advertising, and advertising on social network. Every activity was always accompanied by media editorials and advertorials: an ad-hoc service of Press Office that allowed the company to collect considerable recognition in the industry press.

Diego Ciarloni

The packaging and the tools below the line
All tools useful to the sales force, as catalogues, leaflets of product, the institutional company profile, but also the packaging of certain products for maintenance of fixtures were designed following the refined and sober lines that characterized the whole communication and identified the personality of the architect Michelangelo Prezioso.


Michelangelo Prezioso

Other Professionists

Ilaria Mauric

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