Communicate a publishing house: the Scrivere per Volare project

The communication project for a publishing house from the Marches

Communicate a publishing house: the Scrivere per Volare project

The customer
Scrivere per Volare is a new-born and non-profit publishing house located in the Marches, with the ambition to have satisfaction both at national and international level (in particular in the US).

The goals
The communication project developed for  "Scrivere per Volare" focused on the objective of giving visibility to the publishing house, thereby stimulating the interest of the public in its initiatives, and causing it to emerge among the various competitors. Another goal was to promote the launch of the core novel "The fascinating life of Berta", an exciting e-book edited by the publishing house.

The tasks
The tasks implemented to achieve the goals were:
    • Creating a bilingual responsive web site (Italian and English),
    • Creating and managing an institutional Facebook page, designed to have a direct dialogue with the newly-gained followers of the publishing house, with aspiring writers and with the media,
    • Creating and managing a blog within the web site,
    • Realising supporting off-line tools, as flyers and posters.
For the promotional launch of the novel "The fascinating life of Berta" we focused on the use of advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google, combined with the realisation of a Booktrailer.

The promotional on-line activity merged with the one carried out "off-line", through the participation in trade fairs of the sector, as the Book Fair in Turin

We also organized an original event of book sharing, abandoning some volumes of the novel in some squares around Italy, with an invitation to take the book, read it and let it again in another square so that others might take it. This idea allowed us to meet numerous readers who became followers of our Facebook page.

We also supported the launch in our region, the Marches, performing press office activities that led to countless of articles and interviews on both local headers and TV channels as well as an important thing on Rai 3, on the section 'Buongiorno regione".

This matched operation made it possible that the novel became the most sold e-book over the following 10 months on the Feltrinelli e-platform, ranking even before great authors like Ken Follet, Camilleri and many others.

A successful project for a sector, that of culture, which is very close to my heart. A project that continues with the promotion of new novels and a constant work to consolidate and increase the on-line and off-line visibility of the publishing house Scrivere per Volare.

Diego Ciarloni

Scrivere per volare editore

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