Communication Project for Foodbusters Onlus

The communication for volunteering: a project to "zero waste"

Communication project for the creation of a non-profit organization

The customer
The non-profit Foodbusters Association was founded on the base of a noble purpose:  recovering the food surplus from wedding banquets, events, restaurants, and supermarkets, following the philosophy of "zero waste", and distributing the food recovered to those who need it most (soup kitchens and other associations). 

The background
As a start-up from the non-profit sector, the project started from zero, from the conception of the naming to the realization of the trade mark and the matching identity. Starting from these visual aspects and from the ideas and expectations of the customer, we created a real brand, designing a communication that evolved on different instruments both on-line and off-line. Foodbusters Onlus is the first reality both in the Marches and in Italy that deals with food recovery; for this reason, the originality was at the base of the whole creative process.

The goals
    • Providing a solid identity to a just-born reality and making it a recognizable brand, 
    • Giving shape and convey credibility to the association on the web, intercepting the audience’s interest,
    • Identifying the occasions of visibility on the press,
    • Creating useful off-line tools as tangible reference for different target audiences (users and partners),
    • Creating a tool able to provide leads and at the same time to intrigue the public during the presence at trade fairs dedicated to wedding (one of the places where Foodbusters began to spread its brand).

The tasks
The first step was to realize an alluring naming that should immediately catch the attention. The choice fell on Foodbusters, the “food grabbers”, a clear reference to the best known Ghostbusters of the cinema.

The mark itself was inspired by that of the Ghostbusters with some food products that replaced the renowned little ghost.

Creating a matching identity was the next step: from the business card to tools such as folders and adhesives: all this contributed to the spread of a brand that had the need to get recognizable to a heterogeneous audience.

To give more strength to the communication strategy, the name Foodbusters was supported by an ambassador of exception: Power Nando, a superhero of the web.

It was also made an institutional folding, as operational tool of the association and all the instruments were designed to accompany Foodbusters in fairs and events such as roll-up and customised desks.

The on-line communication was developed on the responsive website and on a project of social media marketing that saw the integration of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

To tell the story of the association, we thought to make Facebook live recordings during the recovery of the food and the following delivery. Seeing in real-time the preparation phases and the happiness of the people during the delivery of the recovered meals, is certainly a great emotion which creates unparalleled added value.

To catch the attention of the audience and to collect leads during the attendance of the association to events, fairs and festivals dedicated to weddings, we finally decided to realize the FoodbusTest, a test that the pairs of future spouses realize directly at the stand of Foodbuster using a monitor and a computer.

In less than a year of activity, Foobusters Onlus managed to get a very good response from the supporters in the Marches, but also outside the region, with numerous food recovery actions, especially from surpluses of weddings and has gained the attention of the local and national press.

Diego Ciarloni


Foodbusters Onlus

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