Communication Project for Mamo

Mamo, the "perfect wedding"

Communication project for a bathroom accessories company

The customer
The company Mamo is a historic manufacturer of toilet seats located in Pesaro; the core business of this company is the production of toilet seats in chipboard and poured resin, recognized as being the best quality "seats".

The background
The manufacturers from the sector of toilet seats have a common denominator, a marked lack of identity. Therefore, we were asked to focus on creativity to give shape to a unique image which had to be appropriate and alluring at the same time.

The goals
    • Providing Mamo with a recognizable identity, which had to be able to distinguish one of the most renowned however poorly recognisable companies in the sector.
    • Finding a creative key which could be then applied to all tools of business communication,
    • Taking still life pictures of the products,
    • Realizing the catalogue/price list of the products,
    • Realizing the web site and a mini Configurator,
    • Realizing the concept for the fair booth.

The tasks
Mamo gave us the possibility to focus specifically on a "beautiful" provocation.
In fact, considering this product as an element “married” to the bathroom led us to the celebration of this union through the representation of the most classic occasion.
A wedding!
So, we realized a wedding dress made of toilet seats and we made it be worn by an imaginary spouse to the bathroom...the same frame that we used for the photo shooting and for the video of the backstage.

The image thus became something more than the ambassador of the company, it embodied Mamo itself, and made the brand recognized and unmistakable.

The video was launched on You Tube and on the Facebook profile with considerable success and reputation benefits.

The catalogue/price list, the website and the image for the fair were all focused on this image which was as crazy as an extraordinary idea.

Diego Ciarloni


Other Professionists

Raffaele Mariotti, Alfredo Sanfilippo

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