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Software development

Software development for the publishing world. The Helbling Languages ​​case

The customer
Helbling publishes innovative textbooks complete with multimedia supports with the aim to make the learning of a foreign language a stimulating and satisfying experience.

Publications also take into consideration the results of the most recent researches achieved in different fields: cognitive psychology, pedagogy as well as studies on human intelligence. This approach ensures the harmony between the materials and the interests and motivations of students, each of them with own ways of learning and cognitive

The background
The aim of Helbling Languages is to facilitate communication and the full understanding between people speaking different languages, thereby providing students with innovative and high quality educational materials.
Helbling Languages offers an undisputable platform for teachers, linguists, authors of educational materials and researchers able to recognize and to anticipate all requests of those learning English throughout the world.

The goals
In order to provide innovative educational material, every publication of Helbling is complete with a multimedia support. As follows, some examples that we have produced for Helbling over the years.
Young Readers:
This is a collection of stimulating stories for the Primary School divided into 5 different levels and illustrated with outstanding pictures.
Every volume is matched with an interactive CD-Rom which retraces the story of the book and proposes many amusing activities to practice and to revise different aspects of both language and pronunciation.

For Real / Sure
This set of stories are dedicated specifically for teenagers and young adults; they foresee different levels of learning of the English language. Every volume is matched with a corresponding multimedia book (Interactive Book), which takes the texts to the screen (or to the smart board of the teacher). Instead, the software Testbuilder is dedicated to the teacher, which allows the draft of personalised exams through the choice of exercises organised by sections.

Jetstream Cloudbook
This is the series dedicated to adults start learning the English language. It consists of 6 levels of graduated difficulty, each one matched with acorresponding textbook. Then, for every level it was created the software Cloud Book, available in the student and teacher versions; versions downloadable on PC, MAC or Linux or APP versions for tablets are also available.
very Cloud Book presents the complete education program of the corresponding book, with a modern and operational interface which offers a complete set of multimedia interactions in addition to the possibility to always synchronize the work done thanks to the Helbling Cloud (the Helbing Zone) and to easily switch from the desktop/app version to the online one.

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Helbling Languages

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