Realization of the magazine of the Secular Franciscan Order in Italy

Graphic layout for the realization of the FVS magazine

Graphic realization and printing assistance for the creation of a magazine

The Customer

The Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) is the third Order founded by Saint Francis of Assisi (the first dates to 1221). This Order was designed for non-religious people, i.e. men and women who, despite their being fully engaged in their social life, family, work thereby far from the quiet of woods and cloisters, aimed to learn the approach to life and the spirituality of the Saint from Assisi, and wanted to apply this approach to their lifestyles. Franciscans still spread the message of the Founder with reference to every aspect of life. 

The Background

The Order has always worked within the social field during its eight centuries of history. Feather in the cap have been the pawnshops, thanks to which Franciscans tried to contrast the heavy consequences of usury which left many families in great hardship; at these pawnshops, families could get interest-free loans in exchange for a pawn. 

The Goals

Hearing the requests arising from the relevant territory in which every Franciscan lives has the aim to reach the poorest and loneliest persons (both from an economic and human standpoint) as well as young people looking for the meaning of life and for a project to develop. Training meetings increase the perception of SFO towards goals of peace, justice, and preservation of the universe. 
This was the basis for the creation, the layout, the graphic realization up to the printing of the FVS magazine. 

Diego Ciarloni


Ordine Francescano Secolare d'Italia

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