The Gigante at the Piccolo Theater

Festival of theatre and poetry in the name of Carlo Urbani

The customer

The publishing house Scrivere per Volare in collaboration with the Federazione Italiana Teatro Amatori delle Marche (Fita - Federetation of Italian Theatre Amateurs of the Marches) and with the Associazione Italiana Carlo Urbani (Aicu - Italian Association Carlo Urbani), wanted to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Carlo Urbani’s death calling for a national contest of free-subject Poetry and organizing a national theatre festival.

The background

Basically, we started from scratch by devising the names of the respective initiatives; we also supported the development, the launch and the following promotion.

The goals

Both events had the purpose to spread, albeit through different channels and styles, the life’s memories of the famous "SARS doctor".

   Concerning the Poetry Festival, we aimed to
 • Create a recognizable identity while finding a proper name to the purpose
 • Launch the initiative in order to attract participants

 Concerning the Theatre Festival we had the task to
 • Create a recognizable identity while finding a proper name to the purpose
 • Promote the initiative in order to magnetize both public and media attention

The tasks

 • We conveyed an identity to these two events
 • We launched the poetry contest through the blog of the publishing house, its Facebook profile as well as through dedicated portals.
• We realized a 140x100 outdoor advertising campaign throughout Jesi and in all adjoining  municipalities
 • We organized an advertising campaign on the main local newspapers
 • We activated a constant press support that led to many articles both on-line and off- line

Over 500 persons coming from every corner of the world (Ghana, Argentina, US, etc..) took part in the poetry contest.
The resonance of the event attracted both to the Piccolo theatre in Jesi and to the Pergolesi theatre a wide or attentive audience who attended events confirming involvement and interest

Diego Ciarloni

Scrivere per volare editore, Fita Marche e Aicu

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