The web site of Filatura Mareb

Bringing and maintaining on-line a company producing yarns

Creation of the website for Filatura Mareb

The customer
Filatura Mareb is a company from the Umbria region producing high quality yarns.

The background
The company was not present on the web and needed a digital communication that allowed it to be traceable on-line. So, starting from zero we realized the new responsive web site and we activated Google My Business.

The goals 
    • Giving on-line visibility to the company, through the creation of a responsive web site, and therefore suitable to be displayed also on smartphones and tablets,
    • Design a visual identity of the company, capable of conveying on-line and off-line identity,
    • Obtain a good positioning of the site on Google.

The Tasks 
    • First, we realized a material suitable for the communication strategy of the company Filatura Mareb: shooting, graphic elements, and contents, in order to give an identity to the company,
    • Then, we developed the responsive web site taking care of the structure and its usability,
    • We created the profile of the company on Google My Business,
    • We enriched the site with a blog that is constantly managed to tell the life of the company and the world of spinning.

In addition to these activities, we find also the steady SEO activity, to improve the positioning of the site on Google.
Everything is analysed and converges in a report that allows us to evaluate with the customer the possible improvements to be carried out.

Also the work on the blog is constant: an editorial plan specially studied allows us to monitor the targeted drafting of original and interesting articles helping the process of site indexing.

Diego Ciarloni

Filatura Mareb

Other Professionists

Alfredo Sanfilippo

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