Production of a 2D animation content for NTT Data

2D animation content as tool of internal communication.

The Customer

NTT DATA is one of the top player in the sector of Consulting and IT Services, with over 150,000 professionals based in more than 50 Countries. The multinational corporation belonging to the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone group is headquartered in Tokyo and has an international network of Research and Development Centers located in Tokyo, Palo Alto and Cosenza. Some of its major businesses concern Cyber Security, Digital and System Integration. 

The Background

NTT Data’s aim was to communicate in a clear and effective way with all its employees all over the world and to inform them about the new GDPR, the EU 2016/679 regulation with regard to protection of physical persons and personal data treatment which was effective as of 25 May 2018. The “GDPR Security and Compliance Education” project took inspiration from an exhaustive and written text for internal use, which needed to be simplified.

The tasks

The activities

In order to hit the goal, we based the project on the production of a training video which should recap the complexity of this topic in around 10 minutes.
We chose a 2D animation content taking into consideration the graphic design habits of the recipients. In fact, Corporate intercultural communication is a natural approach in a multinational corporate with a global audience. The aim was to create behavioral models and uniform procedures which should be coherent with the brand.
After a first analysis, we decided to create a 2D graphic version of Sota. 

Sota is an interactive robot realised by NTT Data for different applications in the field of personal care. It features summary and voice recognition skills used in synergy with the IVE (Intelligent Virtual Entity) solution, features that allow Sota to understand the natural language and to interact with the user. It is also able to hold complex conversations and to turn people’s requests into action, thereby physically interacting with the surroundings.

Enhancing Sota and using its image in the video aimed first at making a symbol immediately recognizable by the recipients of the message, therefore drawing a higher level of attention. 
Sota’s voice as well as the voiceover belong to an English native speaker reading a text prepared by NTT Data and dedicated to this project.

The language tone used is informal and welcoming therefore coherent with the communication style used by NTT Data and known by the professionals working with it. For example, while listing the DO’s and DON’Ts, Sota refers to the sanctions you might incur in case of regulation breach at the same time keeping things light and empathic («Be careful, guys!»).

The result

Thanks to the 2D animation, Sota went beyond its own nature as corporate product and became a protagonist supporting NTT Data throughout the entire path of the training video. In this way, it was possible to achieve the recipients’ involvement during the receiving of such an important message. 
The result was to succeed in developing an aware and conscientious behavior among the network with regard to the GDPR using a dynamic and lively video communication.

Diego Ciarloni


Ntt Data

Other Professionists

Helen Nazarok

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