Photo shoot for the Food sector

The case history of Varani

The Customer 

The company was founded in 1973 by Mr. Angelo Varani as small artisanal business which has developed over time and has always had quality as main target. 
At first, the production was focused only on the processing of bovine tripe and honeycomb tripe; then, as a reaction to the inputs of a continuously evolving market, the company has tried to interpret at best the different demands and the ever changing consumers’ needs by proposing a wider range of products along with “ready-to-eat” dishes.
Being rooted in traditions has not prevented the company from having a keen look to both future and innovation.

What we did

    • We realised a photo shoot at the company’s premises with the aim to describe the production stages as well as to make a portrait of the people at the head of the company starting from the owner. 

    • We realised the photo shoots of the dish/finished product together with its packaging.

    • We took pictures of the product for the website and for all the specific requirements of the sales and marketing departments of the company.

The activities 

All pictures, except for those realised at the company’s premises, were subject to a careful and proper planning and preparation according to the needs shared and were took in the studio in collaboration with the Food Stylist Francesca Cesaretti and with Chef Maria Vittoria Griffoni.

The result

We perfectly hit the customer’s expectations which were also important for the company: describing through images the production cycle as well as conveying the taste of something good and “homemade” that can be easily prepared in just a few steps.

Diego Ciarloni



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