About Kontagio

Kontagio is a highly skilled and exclusive community consisting of both professionals and artisans, who have been personally headed and monitored by Diego Ciarloni over the last 15 years, with their businesses located between the region of the Marches and other parts of the world.

Kontagio’s inspiration 

Kontagio’s activity is inspired by the concept of smart co-working, a model of flexible and shared work where the best professionals in networking offer an alternative to traditional working schemes referred to working environment (offices), skills (limited) and habits (the physical presence at the desk)

Where Kontagio is

The headquarters (or better, just the headquarters) is proudly located in the city of Ancona and most of the professionals belonging to this networking come from the Marches region. However, some of them are in other Italian regions as well as in Europe. But when we work we can be everywhere. By the seashore, nestled in our stunning hills or, why not ... nearby you.

Kontagio’s approach to communication

Communication means redefining the criteria which rule communication strategies in our time, targeting the best support of our customers both on-line and off-line.

Why you should choose the networKontagio or coworKontagio


We are all professionals with many years of experience in different areas of communication; we chose to support our growth also through the influence of our colleagues’ experiences.


Different skills mean different possibilities to make unique the message created, thereby enhancing its efficacy.


One single oversight behind all projects, an experienced professional, Diego Ciarloni who is ready to listen to your needs and to understand your real requirements.