To give shape to your communication strategy and make the message so original and attention-catching that remains in the memory of the audience, we use unconventional strategies and marketing tools.
For example, we can realize artistic projects with the help of a sand artist of international fame, capable of giving life to your brand, through drawings on the sand.
We can design advertising campaigns that leverage the augmented reality, allowing an interactive relationship with the customer, thanks to supports such as optical viewers or simple smart phones.
Thanks to the collaboration with set designers and costume designers, we realize dresses and original fittings, which are also creative, unique and able to dress your brand.
With the support of actors, directors, video makers and sound designers, finally, we create exciting, witty or even irreverent viral videos, that can be spread on-line.
The activity of unconventional marketing, allows to enrich the communication, thereby increasing the power of persuasion of the message created, that distinguishes itself from the mass of competitors and, in an innovative way, presents itself to the public arousing interest.

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